A practical Course with  hands-on ultrasound workshops Menu

Three day intensive teaching program with theoretical and practical topics covering all forms of breast imaging.

Focus on the optimum utilization of imaging modalities for the detection and diagnosis of malignant and benign conditions using high resolution ultrasound, mammography and magnetic resonance imaging.

Provide a broad information base to enable integration of breast imaging techniques, interpretation criteria and interventional procedures reflecting recent technological improvements.

Evaluation of the role of imaging and interventional procedures in providing accurate assessment prior to surgery, and providing the best possible outcome for patients.

Hands-on ultrasound workshops providing an opportunity to participate in teaching sessions with faculty members.


Clinicians with basic and advanced knowledge: general surgeons, breast surgeons, radiologists, oncologists, ultrasonographers, radiographers and other specialists using ultrasound to diagnose and manage patients with early breast cancers and benign conditions


The official language of the course is English. No translation will be provided.

This activity is accredited as a Continuing Medical Education Activity (CME) by the Scientific Council of the Israel Medical Association